/r/lockpicking Challenge Lock Exchange Authentication

  • You cannot be banned from /r/lockpicking
  • You cannot be muted from /r/lockpicking
  • You must be subscribed to /r/lockpicking
  • You must have a verified email address on your Reddit account
  • Your Reddit account must be at least 90 days old

Permissions Explanation

Authentication is performed through Reddit oAuth2. Your password is transmitted through Reddit infrastructure and we do not have access to your Reddit account password. We cannot perform actions on Reddit on your behalf.

We request the identity permission to see your username.

We request the read permission to check that you are a subscriber of /r/lockpicking and are not currently banned or muted.

We request the flair permission to see your user flair on the lockpicking subreddit.

If in doubt, here is the authentication code transparency.

Privacy Policy

We do optionally collect your name, email address, and shipping address, but only if you submit the information. Your email address and name is not currently used anywhere within this system.

Your mailing address is only visible to you, someone who has your lock (for sending it back to you), and someone who has a lock that you're next in the queue to receive (to send it to you). Your address is secured with industry standard libsodium encryption for your protection.